GM Wong is the FIRST generation of GGM Ip Man’s student along with GM Bruce Lee, GM Wong Shun Leung, GM Hawkins Cheung, GM WIlliam Cheung, GM Victor Khan, and many others…

But GM Wong’s Wing Chun is very rare out of all.  GM Wong is known as “THE KING OF BONG SAO,” where GM Wong Shun Leung was known as “The King of Taan Sao, GM Victor Khan is known as “The King of Talking Hands,” and GM Chue San Tian is known as “The King of Sil Lim Tao.”

GM Wong has his own unique skill, which is his Bong Sao; GM Wong is violating the law and the principle of Bong Sao, by hanging out there and no one can move his Bong.  According to Wing Chun’s principle of a bong sao, we are supposed to hang out because bong sao is ONLy acted as a transition.  Because GM Wong is able to do such innovative “Bong,” that’s why GM Wong’s Wing Chun is superb beyond anyone’s imagination.  GM Wong’s disciple, Master Will, Master Bruce, Master Leo, Master Keung and many others are so proud and fortunate to be under GM Wong’s lineage.

Above all, beside his Wing Chun skills, GM Wong as a person, he is so humble, wise, and good heart.  GM Wong’s characteristic is some way almost like Buddha’s characteristic…

“Wing Chun is for health, peace, and prosperity, above ALL, is to improve our lives, NOT creating chaos.”

-Sifu GM Wong Long Ching