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As it’s stated in Wing Chun Illustrated, Wing Chun Temple was existed due to by the Enlightened and Inspired by the Universal Truth and Revelation, WING CHUN TEMPLE was came to life. Founded by Sifu Clark Tang and later inspired by his Sifu, GM Wong Long Ching.  The foundation of WING CHUN TEMPLE are HEALTH, WISDOM, and SPIRITUALITY for the hope of LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, UNITY and HARMONY… 


Head Instructor: Chief Instructor Sifu Clark Tang

Lineage: Wong Long Wing Chun


2601 E 28th Street

Suite 308

Signal Hill, CA 90755

Telephone: 1(562) 276-0108

Email: info@WingChunTemple.com

Website: http://WingChunTemple.com

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu was named after Miss Yim Wing Chun’s name, who was the first person to learn and practice the art, which was passed to her from Abbess Ng Mui, Grandmaster of Shaolin Gung Fu among the elder priests.  After the destruction of a Shaolin Temple, Abbess Ng Mui developed and incorporated a new Gung Fu System with Shaolin Gung Fu for the ultimate self-defense based on principles, concepts, and scientific methodologies.  Wing Chun is known for its directness and deflectiveness, effecience and effectiveness, and economical of energies and motions, which makes Wing Chun Gung Fu System to be the most unique and lethal fighting system for a couple of reasons:

Wing Chun Gung Fu –

            – Invented by a woman, who was weak, yet could beat a strong man who was a Gung Fu expert

            – Negative energies and forces are mostly used and applied.

You’ll be surprised what Wing Chun Gung Fu will offer when you practice…

May Wing Chun Gung Fu Spirit continue to inspire us all…

Peace & Blessings,

-Sifu Clark

Please go to:

http://WingChunTemple.com or http://WingChunTemple.org